Backwards Slowly (Installation)

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

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About this event

Backwards Slowly Installation, is a free event that combines video projection, objects, and sound to explore how people have thought, lived, and survived during isolation. This work will be presented throughout FRINGE WORLD alongside a paid performance that will use bodies to activate the same space. The work was originally developed in its first iteration as a single film work during the first half of this year as part of William Gammel's studies at WAAPA. This film work also recently won the judges award in WAYTCO's 'Loungeroom Project'.

Due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, entry to the Backwards Slowly Installation will be limited to ticket-holders until February 14

Presented by:
William Gammel

Born in Sydney and currently residing in Perth, William Gammel is a 25-year-old multi-disciplinary performance maker working at the intersection of theatre and film. Currently in his second year of studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; it is here that William has started to explore how he can create a hybrid of theatre and film on stage. In doing this, he hopes to gain a clearer understanding of how it is that we as humans live, and understand the highly technologized world that we live in.

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