Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt

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About this event

Explore the world of stories and the subconscious mind in Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt. Each participant will be invited to think about several questions before entering the Yurt, where they will be presented with a creative response to their answers by the two witnesses present. Each visit to Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt will take about ten minutes. This is an individual, gifted experience. Come, and experience a moment in the midst.

Presented by:
Flame Collective

Flame Collective brings together artists to explore the undiscovered geography of human interaction, to visit places forgotten by the institutions of power and to advocate for connection in an age of dissociation and disillusionment.

Flame Collective has previously created works in film and video, theatre, cabaret, and game design. From making feature films in China, to music videos and cabaret in Perth, to documentaries in Uganda and Myanmar, Flame Collective has utilised many media to tell many stories. Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt is the first step in a whole new direction of close up, interactive story creation. Following the premiere of the Yurt at FRINGE WORLD 2018, we have held Yurts at festivals around W.A, and are now back for another year. We invite you to join us on the journey!

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