Ashes: A Comedy Showdown

Scaled the ashes

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Scaled the ashes

About this event

Australia's top comedians take on England's best in a five test comedy series to claim the Comedy Ashes.
Kick back with an afternoon beer and watch the old enemies go head to head to prove once and for all which country is funnier.
Nominated - Best Comedy Show FRINGE WORLD
"Hilariously funny, no knowledge of cricket needed!" ★★★★★ The Funny Tonne.

Each show has a different line-up of comedians, 9 in total over 90mins.
There is a short beer break to refresh your glasses and each show is scored on Audience Laughter, the funnier the comedians are, the higher they score!

Winner - Best Comedy Show - Laughs of Launnie, 2019

Presented by:
Best Of British Productions

Best Of British Productions produce showcases at all major comedy festivals.
They specialise in putting on the most professional, hilarious shows possible.
Best of British are the original and best.

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