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In the right hands, there might just be art in artifice. Stuart Lightbody the master of misdirection invites you to delve deeper into each deceptive delight. Stuart is returning for his 6th year at FRINGE WORLD, his past shows have been nominated for both the Performance Award and the Theatre Award numerous times. From the winner of the Creative Award from the Prague Fringe Festival. Join Stuart for a night of wonders.

"There is nothing more splendid than sitting wide-eyed in the presence of the obviously impossible." - The Times (2017)

"Every part of the performance is breathtaking and so elegantly executed you find yourself if only for a moment, believing in magic."- Cape Times (2013)

"...Beautifully impossible while still being impossibly beautiful." - Cape Argus (2013)

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Stuart Lightbody

Stuart tours his theatre shows across 3 continents. He can be found entertaining anywhere from private parties on the island of Capri, Italy, to theatres on luxury cruise liners to corporate shows for the biggest Fortune-500 companies.

As a South African Magic Champion, Stuart has represented his country at the World Magic Championships in Sweden and at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. He has also won numerous local and international awards at arts festivals and magic gatherings, including two "Silver Ovation Awards" at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, a "Weekly Best of Festival Award" at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the "Creative Award" at the Prague Fringe Festival.

He spends his life pondering, practicing and performing moments that are beautifully impossible.

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