Amazing Adventures of Her Majesty at 90+

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Affectionate musical comedy about the world's longest-serving monarch premiered at Brighton & Edinburgh Fringe 2019. As told by Carole Shaw, the show's creator and star performer, this is the story of a thoroughly modern, fully empowered female role model -- she is a woman heading up a country, after all. This colourful lady head-of-state finally reveals her "all" to her people - her undying love for her dogs, the men in her life, her single-handed success at forging peace processes, her secret passion for motorbikes and her attempts to come out at 93 as a song-and-dance gal. Join the singing, dancing Queen for a riotous ride into hitherto unseen aspects of her life with tea, free cake & biscuits and more than you bargained for. This Old Grey Mare definitely ain't what you thought she was.

Presented by:
Carole Shaw

London-based Carole Shaw first started performing aged 6 while putting on shows for local children. Her sister would do the choreography and she would tell the funny stories and sing the songs. She has been appearing in group and solo shows (song, dance, theatre, comedy) for over 35 years, performing her own one-woman cabaret-style events for the last 27. She took her first show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2006 and returned in 2019. A former teacher, translator & interpreter, specialising in Gibberish & Double Dutch, she was made redundant at 50 and, despite an armful of qualifications and a lifetime of experience, was unable to repair her tattered career and save for her elusive pension. 17 years on and numerous applications later, she is telling jokes and singing for her supper.

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