A Completely Normal Sketch Show

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Welcome to a straightforward evening of sketch comedy. Nothing to see here folks, just your stock standard selection of zany and clever sketches. Presented by the University Dramatic Society, we want to stress that there will not be any disruption of the space time continuum within this show. We are aware that there have been some time-related mishaps in the past, but we have sorted them out. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a completely normal and conventional 50 minutes of comedy. It's just a sketch show, we promise!

Presented by:
University Dramatic Society

The University Dramatic Society, based at the University of Western Australia, is celebrating it's centenary! Our club (the longest running on campus) has officially hit three digits, and to celebrate, we are presenting our first ever FRINGE WORLD show! Our society focuses on the curation and creation of original work, as well as providing mentoring and support for young creatives.

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