Stubby Holder - Sunset

These colourful foam collectibles are perfect for holding your ice-cold bevvys and let you bring a little bit of Fringe Fun home to your summer barbecues.

Our FRINGE WORLD Stubbie Holders feature four bold designs celebrating our 2022 brand:

  • The It's On design features a blue and pink gradient background with the FRINGE WORLD logo and slogan "IT'S ON".
  • The Fringe, Fringe, Fringe design features a blue background with 'FRINGE FRINGE FRINGE' next to a grid of colourful circles.
  • The Sunset design features an orange and pink gradient with half circles above the FRINGE WORLD Logo and a contrasting blue background dotted with some iconic patterns seen in this year's branding.
  • The Shakas design features our 2022 3D hands fist-bumping and giving a shakas surrounding the FRINGE WORLD Logo with orange and pink gradient background.

Online sales for this item have now closed. Head to a FRINGE WORLD Box Office to purchase merch before the Festival ends on 13 February 2022 or until sold out.